TOMORROW COVID-19 (Annie Broadway Musical)A tribute to Heroes and Essential workers that are fighting the war against Covid 19 and risking their lives. This is a personal gift to everyone but especially to first responders from a Native New Yorker, Diana Barrows aka Dian B.As a child actress , i was the original "Oh My Goodness" orphan in the cast of Annie on Broadway. During quarantine, I put together something that i think will make people laugh and forget their troubles for a few minutes. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who may benefit from a little laughter leading to a better tomorrow.

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A 16 month calendar starting from September 11, 2003

This calendar is dedicated to all those whose life was shattered on account of the 9-11 disaster.

I was away, in Italy, when the tragedy happened. As I was driving, that day, somebody - thinking I was in town - called me on my cell phone, leaving a message asking if I was okay. Perplexed, I stopped the car at the next gas station. As I got out, to make a call, I heard a young Italian reporting to another something terrible had happened in America. I entered a cafe and it was then - after a laborious explanation with the owner who at first didn't want to switch from his football game - that I finally got to learn the news on Television.
Later on, that evening, I went around Venice, with my little DV camera, for an improvised on-the-street interview of people. I remember tourists, near San Marco, walking like zombies... Then sitting ‘home', in front of my computer - in that neutral zone between shock and reaction - making this calendar, waiting for safer times to travel - 9-11's aftermath.

One reads and hears of extraordinary things in the medias; but however sensational, disconcerting or horrifying they may be, because we live in such an individualistic world, teaching us primarily to look out and be responsible for ourselves, it never quite feels these have the same degree of reality as a pinch. Looking at the Twins, however, I knew exactly what I was watching - it was so graphic; but a huge impression of mystery surrounded those images (I remember fearing, if it could be found, what black box might ponder such machinery, incomprehensible even to those whose eyes were trained on military causes) and this impression wouldn't leave me.

I never intended to publish this calendar, and I would never have wouldn't someone had stopped me in Kinko's, several months later, as I was making photocopies of the partial document, telling me what a good idea it was and that I should try to publish it. I said I couldn't, it was a personal enterprise; I was wearing my actress cap in most of the pictures and didn't see how I could solicit anyone with an object originally destined to make commemoration possible in my souvenir. He continued to praise the calendar, repeated he liked my attitude and said he didn't see why any of these reservations should stop me. I gave it thought and decided maybe he was right, it could prove a generous idea, admittedly - as a born and bred New Yorker - I'd donate the proceeds to a fund helping the Tall Standing City!

The flag behind my back is not so much a mark of devotion to my country, and concern for its defense, than a symbol of ASSOCIATION - the armature of its energy! And as for the symbolical element, if any, behind this calendar... I guess I simply mean to wish New York

- a Happy New Year!





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